Saturday, December 6, 2008

My New Blog

So, is it customary to give a reason for the creative names people give to their blogs?

"Franck Flotsam" was a term I coined on a family trip we made to Colorado Springs a few years ago. It seemed we were leaving various items here and there. Elizabeth and Rachel left a couple of dolls at a park. (They were very much dedicated to these "babies," and it was providential that we had visited a Chamber of Commerce across the street while we ate lunch, and once we got to our campground, we were able to call this Chamber of Commerce and someone went and got the dolls for us and sent them to our home.) Also, we left a stroller in a zoo parking lot, among other things. So, when I was encouraging people to cut down on the "Franck Flotsam," I wanted people in my family to be careful not to drop stuff around.

I hope if you are reading this blog, you are interested in learning more about our family, life in a larger family, or our life in Duluth; bits and pieces that I will intentionlly leave for you to pick up and enjoy.


Julie said...

We are always interested in the Franck Flotsam, so will be checking back here regularly!

Orycteropus Afer said...

"My New Blog"

Does this mean that you're new to blogging or that you already have an old blog that I've failed to notice?

Inquiring aardvarks want to know.

Rev. Robert Franck said...

I'm generally new to blogging, though I have participated on this blog:

Orycteropus Afer said...

I have you queued for inclusion in the next update of the BBOV.

Rev. Ted Staudacher said...

Hi Rob!
Great blog! I, too, know what it's like to be a member of a large family - being the eldest of 8! Carol and I have 4 - Tim, Dave, Mark, & Teri (who's battling breast cancer, which is why we're here in Castle Rock, CO, to help her with her 2 little ones. Have you made friends with Pr. John Wurst in Duluth yet? Good guy! He's the brother of my pastor, Rob.
Still keep you & yours in my prayers nightly. God bless you'all! Love in Christ Jesus, Ted Staudacher