Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer "Convertible"

Wow, the month of April was busy for me, between Holy Week and Easter, and then other events. Now things are getting better. Warmer in Duluth, too. Time to get out the "Convertible."

Well, it doesn't really "convert" from anything, but it is a great outdoor vehicle for nicer weather in Duluth. I bought this a few years back, and have been very happy with it for getting around Duluth. It is a recumbent tricycle, and has served me well. It is geared down pretty well for getting up the Duluth hills. Sure, it is work going up hill, but you can go slow and not worry about tipping because of the third wheel. (Also, when I stop at lights or stop signs, I don't tip.) The wide padded seat is very comfortable, and I can pull a trailer with kids or groceries. From my home it is less than four miles to ust about anywhere I want to go, along nice streets or even the lakewalk. And when I'm running various errands, the miles can add up without seeming tiresome.

Last year the lakewalk was extended to 36th Avenue East, so I can get to or from downtown pedaling right along Lake Superior. (The only disadvantage is that coming home from downtown I end with almost a mile straight up the hill.)

Most of the winter I work out on recumbent aerobic machines, so those particular muscles stay in pretty good shape.

One fun trip I took a few years back included packing some camping gear in the trailer and biking to Jay Cooke for an overnight. I've taken this up to the Willard Munger Trail up the North Shore, too. I hope I can take this out camping this summer, one way or another.


Julie said...

That is absolutely amazing that you rode all the way to Jay Cooke! Happy trails this summer....

Beverly said...

It looks a little bit like a Harley. A little bit.