Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Turkey Dinner

A fairly inexpensive way to prepare a meal for a large family is to buy a good supply of turkeys when they are on sale at Thanksgiving and Christmas and get them out occasionally throughout the year. I got a turkey out to thaw last week, and when the ice storm kept me in yesterday afternoon, I decided to go ahead and make the meal yesterday. Turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh whole wheat bread, and corn from the freezer. Mmmm. A big hearty meal. And then the leftovers. I didn't make enough of the sides for leftovers, but there's turkey meat, plus of course the real bonus when making turkey: broth! Take the turkey carcass and giblets, boil it with some vegetables and spices for a few hours, strain it, cool it, take off the fat, and you've got a great supply of terrific broth for soup, pilaf, and other recipes. Unbeatable.

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Karin said...

We do the same thing. We didn't raise any turkeys last year so I did buy a few at Thanksgiving etc. I am getting one out this weekend. Great minds think alike.