Saturday, January 31, 2009

35 Days Below Freezing

It was 40 warm degrees out this afternoon. The first time it's been above freezing since December 27, thirty-five days ago. Nice.

Back a few weeks ago, someone noted that here in Duluth we were below zero degrees for something like 94 hours. Zero is an important temperature mark. Another one for me personally is 10 degrees above zero. Warmer than that I wear my LL Bean warm-up jacket. Colder than that I wear my Eddie Bauer down parka. So warmer or colder than 10 degrees means quite a difference in bulk. That's what I do--look at the temperature and grab one coat or the other based on the the temperature. It makes it easy. No fashion statements for me in that category.

But certainly another important mark is 32 degrees, when water becomes a liquid. And it was nice to be that warm outside today. My neighbor was on her porch basking in the sun and reading a book!

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Julie said...

I have one question. Now that your readers know what coat you'll wear if it's above ten degrees out, and which one you'll grab if it's below ten degrees, which would you choose if the thermometer read exactly ten degrees?