Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OFL Cold

A number of years ago, a good friend gave me this atomic clock and thermometer with an outdoor transmitter that lets you know INSIDE what the temperature is OUTSIDE. Pretty cool. I've always liked it. But it was not really designed with a Duluth temperature range in mind. The lowest temperature it records is minus 23, and below that, the display simply gives the letters "OFL," an acronymn which I think indicates "Outside Farenheit Limits" due to the fact that when I switch the display to celsius it reads "OCL." Still, that "OFL" reading is kind of fun to see. My wife, though, takes the three letters as a word in its own right, and reads it as the thermometer's evalution of the temperature as "awful."


Beverly said...

That's funny! I read it as "awful," too!

Julie said...

I could not agree more. Awful, OFL, malevolent, unbearable, dark -they all mean the same to me. Minnesota in January is only for the truly brave. Tell Gayle I'm with her. It's OFL.