Sunday, January 25, 2009


Here's something you can't see anytime or even anywhere. Once a year, I can walk three blocks from my home and watch dogsledders running a marathon. The start of the John Beargrease Marathon is less than half a mile from that point, and we can watch the dogs and sledders go by. Very interesting. This year there is plenty of snow, and the temperature is very nice for hardworking dogs, too. (Meaning it's mighty cold.)

By the way, if you listened to the Prairie Home Companion radio show last night, you heard it broadcast live from Duluth's Entertainment and Convention Center, and they even had a couple of dog sledders and dogs there. I was at the DECC later in the evening, for a hockey game, but picked up a program just for the fun of it.

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Beverly said...

I was really, seriously, no-kidding going to get my kids out to see the dogs this year, and then I realized we had theater tickets. Ah well. Maybe next year?